Ordering Rain products


The Rain International products can be purchased in 3 ways.


1. Retail Customer.

A one-time purchase with a retail price directly from the Rain International store - link


2. Preferred Customer.

This is the buyer who signed the contract with the Company and the participant of Auto-Order program and has the opportunity to purchase the product with a special price.

Auto-order is a voluntary program that authorizes Rain Company to place orders automatically with a special price monthly.

Having a wish to purchase Rain products on a regular basis, at least once a month, we recommend you to get registered with the Preferred Customer system. This will allow you to purchase products with the partner price.


To register as a Preferred Customer follow the link.


3. Business partner.

In this case, you get the opportunity to buy goods with the special prices and earn money by cooperating with Rain International.

For more information how to become a business partner and how to earn money, we recommend you to follow the next link - Become a Rain partner.



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